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[07 Sep 2005|03:06am]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Earilier today Bush when confronted about the failure of the Government to send ample aid in time was quoted saying

"One of the things that people want us to do here is to play a blame game."

But then insisted theres more important things to do than look at what went wrong. Hell we can procrastinate an American disaster, while we expidite plans to eliminate the "Estate Tax" aka "Death Tax" (Republican National Committee's name for it) aka "Tax for rich old fucks who died" (Bill Maher's name for it). No something seems amiss. Perhaps the reason he doesn't want an immediate investigation is some people need to get their stories straight.

"There will be ample time for people to figure out what went right and what went wrong."

Plenty of time after he and his mafia republicana are removed from office. And the likelyhood of them releasing the findings of any investigation? About as likely as the whole 9-11 commision report coming out, or the Karl Rove report coming to head. It'll never happen.

Pretty soon we're going to hear about how "big government can't properly help in a disaster" how "private cooperations under contract will be more efficiant at rebuilding New Orleans" and that "FEMA is to blame for this disaster, they should be cut out" mark my words.

And while hearing that remember that the US Government has always in the past taken care of it's own citizens. Ever since the self proclaimed God of "homeland security" has been in office the two biggest, easily prevented and most devistating disasters have struck us, and our response has been off the mark both times.

Remember that private companies such as Haliburton have been handling rebuilding after the Iraq war, hundreds of millions have gone missing, and nothing is even REMOTELY better than it was before.

Remember that FEMA didn't send out National Guard and their supplies to fight an illegal war. If we weren't fighting this war without a cause we'd have our National Guard home and able to help. We'd have more money and reosurces to contribute. We would have had more money to spend on repairing the levy's.

Remember that the real disaster is the administration. The one who failed to respond properly or timely. The one who amputated FEMA and out National Guard and Army Core of Engineers leaving the door wide open for this disaster.

The same people who today announced the fault was on the victims for not evacuation soon enough. The elderly, the children, the poor without a car or travel money. It was somehow their fault. Tell these sick bastards that you want your country back. Tell them you want your security back. Tell them they've had ENOUGH chances! It's time to play the blame game. It's time to IMPEACH BUSH

View the following links to marvel at the federal blunder that is Hurricanr Katrina.

FEMA denies Amtrak's help with evacuations

FEMA turns away experienced firefighters

FEMA turns away water donations

FEMA does not let Red Cross deliver food

FEMA prevents morticians from entering the city

FEMA blocks 500 citizen flotilla from rescues

FEMA fails to utilize 600 bed Naval Hospital Ship

Chicago offers massive assistance FEMA: "Only send one truck"

FEMA turns away generators.

Local Officials criticize FEMA's failures

FEMA urges first responders not to respond.

How Michael Brown FEMA director, got a job he was unqualified for

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Please Help [01 Sep 2005|05:48pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Please read this article in the LA Times today

There are unlivable conditions within this country, where people are being treated like, and turning into animals, fighting for survival.

Roaming gangs shooting at, stealing from, raping and beating the battered victims of this AVOIDABLE tragedy. (Cut funds to the levy that broke to feed the war, national guard and their high water vehicles and other hurricane equipt. sent to Iraq, etc)

Our Government has made a mess. Condoleeza Rice out buying new shoes while people drown in their own houses. George Bush takes time to play a round of golf and follows it up by soothing his worried friends playing the guitar.

Look at that smile... that makes everything allright.

It's obvious it's come down to the citizens to take care of our own while big brother is out playing war games and making empty promises.

Please do what you can, if you can donate to the red cross, even just $5 call 1-800-HELP-NOW or visit redcross.org If you can offer housing please visit moveon.org. Donate clothing, food, whatever you can spare. These are Americans living in conditions you cant imagine, possiably homeless for the next year. Their lives, families, jobs, posessions, houses, all of it gone. Left with nothing, and fearing for their lives while their president takes more time off. Their mayor pleading for help from anywhere. Hospitals out of supplies. Not enough police and national guard to keep order. Please, donate your time, money, items, to help these people.

If you can't, please spread the word. Re-post this, or write your own. Tell your rich uncle Joe to help, tell your crazy hippie neighbor to get the old van out and take a trip to volunteer. A lot of people remember the days when America rushed to aid it's own people in need, but with resources streched so thin, no National Guard, no money, and heading tward a depression FEMA, the Bush Administration, Congress, no one is stepping up to help and they need to be reminded that they have the power to help when no one else will.


Trapped in an Arena of Suffering [01 Sep 2005|05:01pm]
[ mood | depressed ]

Taken from the Los Angeles Times

'We are like animals,' a mother says inside the Louisiana Superdome, where hope and supplies are sparse.

By Scott Gold, Times Staff Writer

NEW ORLEANS — A 2-year-old girl slept in a pool of urine. Crack vials littered a restroom. Blood stained the walls next to vending machines smashed by teenagers.

The Louisiana Superdome, once a mighty testament to architecture and ingenuity, became the biggest storm shelter in New Orleans the day before Katrina's arrival Monday. About 16,000 people eventually settled in.

By Wednesday, it had degenerated into horror. A few hundred people were evacuated from the arena Wednesday, and buses will take away the vast majority of refugees today.

"We pee on the floor. We are like animals," said Taffany Smith, 25, as she cradled her 3-week-old son, Terry. In her right hand she carried a half-full bottle of formula provided by rescuers. Baby supplies are running low; one mother said she was given two diapers and told to scrape them off when they got dirty and use them again.

At least two people, including a child, have been raped. At least three people have died, including one man who jumped 50 feet to his death, saying he had nothing left to live for.

The hurricane left most of southern Louisiana without power, and the arena, which is in the central business district of New Orleans, was not spared. The air conditioning failed immediately and a swampy heat filled the dome.

An emergency generator kept some lights on, but quickly failed. Engineers have worked feverishly to keep a backup generator running, at one point swimming under the floodwater to knock a hole in the wall to install a new diesel fuel line. But the backup generator is now faltering and almost entirely submerged.

There is no sanitation. The stench is overwhelming. The city's water supply, which had held up since Sunday, gave out early Wednesday, and toilets in the Superdome became inoperable and began to overflow.

"There is feces on the walls," said Bryan Hebert, 43, who arrived at the Superdome on Monday. "There is feces all over the place."

The Superdome is patrolled by more than 500 Louisiana National Guard troops, many of whom carry machine guns as sweaty, smelly people press against metal barricades that keep them from leaving, shouting as the soldiers pass by: "Hey! We need more water! We need help!"

Most refugees are given two 9-ounce bottles of water a day and two boxed meals: spaghetti, Thai chicken or jambalaya.

One man tried to escape Wednesday by leaping a barricade and racing toward the streets. The man was desperate, National Guard Sgt. Caleb Wells said. Everything he was able to bring to the Superdome had been stolen. His house had probably been destroyed, his relatives killed.

"We had to chase him down," Wells said. "He said he just wanted to get out, to go somewhere. We took him to the terrace and said: 'Look.' "

Below, floodwaters were continuing to rise, submerging cars.

"He didn't realize how bad things are out there," Wells said. "He just broke down. He started bawling. We took him back inside."

The soldiers — most are sleeping two or three hours a night, and many have lost houses — say they are doing the best they can with limited resources and no infrastructure. But they have become the target of many refugees' anger.

"They've got the impression that we have everything and they have nothing," 1st Sgt. John Jewell said. "I tell them: 'We're all in the same boat. We're living like you're living.' Some of them understand. Some of them have lost their senses."

Thousands of people are still wading to high ground out of the flooding, and most head for the Superdome. Officials have turned away hundreds.

"The conditions are steadily declining," said Maj. Ed Bush. "The systems have done all they can do. We don't know how much longer we can hold on. The game now is to squeeze everything we can out of the Superdome and then get out."

New Orleans Mayor C. Ray Nagin said Wednesday that more than 100 buses were staged outside the city for today's evacuation. He had asked officials in Baton Rouge and Lafayette, La., to send all of their school buses — about 500 — to New Orleans. If all of the buses make it into the city, Nagin said, the Superdome could be cleared out by nightfall today.

Most of the people will go to Houston, where they will stay in the Astrodome. Others will be taken to Louisiana cities that escaped the hurricane.

Between 400 and 500 people, many with critical medical conditions, were airlifted or bused Wednesday from the sports complex; some were taken to Houston.

"They need to see psychologically that this is real," Nagin said. "They need to see that they are really moving. They need to see people getting on the bus. I want to start to create a sense of hope."

That will be difficult. There is a local legend that sports teams that have called the Superdome home have fared poorly because the facility, which broke ground in 1971, was built atop a cemetery. Perhaps, some said Wednesday, the curse is real.

Inside, a man coughed up blood and his shoulders quaked as he was wheeled through the halls. Thousands clutched their meager belongings, sitting in seats normally used for football games or lying on the artificial turf, its end zones painted with the word "Saints."

Some slept out on the terrace, trying to get shade under a National Guard truck. Young boys who had lost their shoes hopped on the hot pavement to save their scalding feet. Grown men discarded their clothes and walked around in their briefs.

"People started shooting last night," said Stacey Bodden, 11.

Bodden and six relatives fled their homes in the West Bank — which survived the storm in relatively good condition — to ride out the storm in the Superdome. By Wednesday evening, the family had had enough and was going to try to get out and walk home through the floodwater and across the Crescent City Connection, a massive bridge spanning the Mississippi River.

Her uncle David Rodriguez, 28, said he heard at least seven shots Tuesday night and saw one man running past him with a gun. "Don't shoot," he told the man, who didn't.

"This is a nuthouse," said April Thomas, 42, who fled to the Superdome with her 11 children. She has enlisted the older boys to take turns walking patrols at night as the rest of the family sleeps.

"You have to fend people off constantly," she said. "You have to fight for your life. I wake up in the morning and the first thing I say is: Where are my babies? Is everyone here?"

There's a thriving black market; the most popular items are cigarettes, which sell for $10 a pack, and anti-diuretics, which allow people to avoid using the bathroom for as long as possible.

Many of the injured, the elderly and the critically ill, and those suffering from dehydration, have been taken across a walkway to an adjoining sports center, the New Orleans Arena.

One man was lying partway on a cot, his legs flopped off the side, a forgotten blood pressure monitor attached to his right arm. Some people had wrapped plastic bags on their feet to escape the urine and wastewater seeping from piles of trash. Others, fearing the onset of disease, had surgical masks over their mouths. An alarm had been going off for more than 24 hours and no one knew how to turn it off.

Suddenly, incongruously, the first notes of Bach's Sonata No. 1 in G minor," the Adagio, pierced the desperation.

Samuel Thompson, 34, is trying to make it as a professional violinist. He had grabbed his instrument — made in 1996 by a Boston woman — as he fled the youth hostel Sunday where he had been staying in New Orleans for the last two months.

"It's the most important thing I own," he said.

He had guarded it carefully and hadn't taken it out until Wednesday afternoon, when he was able to move from the Superdome into the New Orleans Arena, far safer accommodations. He rested the black case on a table next to a man with no legs in a wheelchair and a pile of trash and boxes, and gingerly popped open the two locks. He lifted the violin out of the red velvet encasement and held it to his neck.

Thompson closed his eyes and leaned into each stretch of the bow as he played mournfully. A woman eating crackers and sitting where a vendor typically sold pizza watched him intently. A National Guard soldier applauded quietly when the song ended, and Thompson nodded his head and began another piece, the Andante from Bach's Sonata in A minor.

Thompson's family in Charleston, S.C., has no idea where he is and whether he is alive. Thompson figures he is safe for now and will get in touch when he can. In the meantime he will play, and once in a while someone at the sports complex will manage a smile.

"These people have nothing," he said. "I have a violin. And I should play for them. They should have something."


Happy 4th. [04 Jul 2005|05:31pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Well, it's my second favourite holiday, the 4th of July. The day we celebrate the independence we won over 200 years ago (and gave up less than 4 years ago)

Be it what it is, I'm still a fan of BBQ (meatless of course), a cold one, and something exploding in the sky!

So I'm wishing you all a happy 4th. Celebrate it. Remember what it really ment, and for you canadians, you know you just want an excuse to throw down Labatts!


OMGWTF [18 Jun 2005|04:07pm]


PAY ATTENTION [20 May 2005|12:11am]
From the Washington Post

"Eight expiring sections of the law that deal with foreign intelligence investigations would become permanent, they said.

So, too, would a provision that authorizes wiretapping of suspected terrorists who operate without clear ties to a particular terrorist network."

So what happens when you take a bad thing that limits the freedom of the people and grants more authority to the government (The Patriot Act) and make it worse? Fascism.

Two things about this severely bother me.

1-suspected terrorists: Meaning? Meaning you don't have to be a terrorist to fall into this category. Hell the category is loose enough as it is. The republican right is going around calling anyone who disagrees with them "Terrorists" and "Nazi's" (as if they could talk).

2-without clear ties to a particular terrorist network Once again lets just make it a general idea, lets not limit ourselves to a particular type of terrorist, or a terrorist who works with others.

So the way it really reads is:

"authorizes wiretapping of people we disagree withwho operate anywhere with anyone."

It's a beautiful way to control a country and steal the people's freedom out from underneath them without them even seeing it coming. Convince them their neighbor is evil and they need to be stopped. Before you know it a blanket of lies has convinced a nation that they should give up their freedoms to fight a common enemy. Now you live in a fascist nation where the government assumes absolute power, alienates other nations, declares war on a persons.

"compromising on the filibuster and letting Senate Democrats allow some of the filibustered judges get confirmed (but not others) was like letting Nazis decide whom to send to a "death chamber." -Robert Novak

Yes because Democrats trying to stop Bush from pushing Lobbyists and Corporate pigs into a life long appointment to the courts is VERY similar to choosing who should die for being a Hebrew. This kind of mentality is exactly what convinces the idiots of the world to give up their freedom, to give over their future, their paycheck to their government.

Checks and balances is nothing like the holocaust. I'm sure some of you were awake in 9th grade social studies and realize WHY the filibuster exists. This "Nuclear Option" only further removes us from a representative republic and further into a totalitarian dictatorship.

I'm scared for myself right now, and you should be too.

Turn off your TV's, put on Air America, try to be aware. Some scary shit is happening in your Whitehouse. Most of you probably don't even know about it. And if any of you don't care, or worse, agree with it, tell me now so I may ban you form my site and my life.

Everyone remembers that quote "Live free or die." right?

Do you still believe it when it comes down to it? Would you rather live in fear, or die in freedom.

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Kansas; the brainless never relent [05 May 2005|10:37pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

One of MANY examples of somplete human stupidity.

I am not a religious man, but I am a man of faith. I beleive in a creator, yes this all came from somewhere, when, who, what, where, and why are completely blanks. I am not afraid of saying "I don't know".

Heres the deal tho, evolution exists, reguardless of if it is some architecture of a "God" or pure law of the universe. It is a fact, it should be taught. However this "intelligent design" is a theroy, and should be left to theological debate and colledge course study. Lets not fuck up the kids further by teaching something as truth (and lets face it the teachers will present it as truth, not theory) that is clearly not even close to a proven thing.

My opinion, someone has to kill these evangelistic, rapturist, rightwing morons. Save America, kill a religious zealot! Thin the heard, and raise the average IQ (and life expectancy) in the States!

God I can't believe this is even an issue. Like gay marriage, where is the question? Has it really come down to the educated vs the biggots? Is that the world I live in? As one side races twards progress... ahem... evolution, the other seems hellbent on preventing it! (Why try to prevent something you don't beleive in? Or perhaps this is why Republicans have been dumping industrial waste into our water... cos hell, evolution doesn't exist, nothing changes, mutations don't happen, birth defects are illusions and cancer is a figment of your imagination!)

I would give up on these dipshit scrap metal for skull inbred cockmongers, but it'll be more fun ruining their day and corrputing their daughters :/


SurfJunkie is a scam! [24 Apr 2005|08:53pm]
I would like to warn everyone that SurfJunky.com is a scam!

They never intend to pay out a dime, and not a soul has recieved a dime.

check it out


Yes it happened to me. They suspended me after one night and I didn't use one damned cheat program.

Fucking assholes.

They make money off you then ditch you negating all your "payments".

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RIP Ginger [13 Mar 2005|02:48am]
[ mood | depressed ]

Ginger died yesterday...

We'll miss you Ginger... very much...

I loved my piggle much.
In memory of Ginger... I'll play with her one more time


Horse Slaughter Makes Me Sick [28 Feb 2005|05:00pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

Once again here I am, astounded with the disgusting nature of people (and republicans for that matter).
A 34 year old ban on the slaughter of wild mustangs in America was lifted by congress all thanks to congressman Conrad Burns of Montana and their army of assholes known as the republican congress. Personally I can say I don't think horses are food. Not for people anyway. This was another dirty dealing between republicans, farmers, and the slaughter industry that goes out and disgraces humanity.


Yes I am a vegetarian, an animal rights activist but more importantly I am a horse enthusiast. About once a week I take a trip to the Los Angeles Equestrian Center to visit some old friends. Some with two legs some with four. Anyone who has spent any time with these creatures knows they're more than just cattle for the French. Besides being the backbone America was founded on, they are VERY intelligent, empathetic, and therapeutic.

But to hell with all that, you cannot tell me that shooting horses for sport or food isn't just sickening.

To write Congressman Burns use this link

Write your local representative and urge them to reinstate the ban with H.R. 297 here


Resources to help stop the slaughter and reinstate the protection use the following links


And many many more can be found just by looking.
Sorry, I'm just VERY pissed off...

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A Tiger killed needlessly. [23 Feb 2005|06:19pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

An endangered animal was shot today in Ventura County California, and no one is providing valid reasons.
LA Times Article

We've shut down highways and evacuated people for lesser reasons. And lets face it... a Bangle Tiger is neither fish or Game.... not in the US anyway. The DFG had no right stepping in on this matter.

Please use the following addresses and links to write and demand they explain themselvs and correct this situation and prosecute people for killing endangered animals.


And file a complaint against the people who did this with the Department of Fish and Game by calling (916) 445-0411

Thank you....


LOL, thanks to PETA for e-mailing the following info...

916-653-1856 (fax)


Contact info for the Department of Fish and Game.

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The sweetness of sally. [17 Feb 2005|12:27am]
[ mood | dorky ]

Sally one of Poopie's pups.

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[31 Jan 2005|03:07pm]
In conversation with quiet_faerie about my last post I finally decided to continue with my view on Religion and Christ and its role in the conscious and bun conscious.

Let’s reflect on happiness in slavery. Is it possible that people are given enough in comfort that they accept the role of a slave? We are slave to our government, our religions, and our laws of physics as many would like us to believe. So you feel free, with your limited perception of what is and what isn't. When you accept boundaries you give up true freedom and find "acceptable limitations" Most every religion has "acceptable limitations" (one of the reasons I'm fairly fond of the Wiccian religion is they do not set such boundaries and leave open a realm of endless possibility, same for metaphysics) Catholics are by far the worst in America. They set up a hierarchy, seal documents, make decisions, govern, there are countless limitations and boundaries. My very search of other forms of spirituality and my in acceptance of their limitation condemns me in their view. This is enough to scare people into "contained enlightenment" ending their quest to be more than human. You take that emptiness and "fill it up with Christ" but what they do is cut off a drive. But the quest to reach a higher state is impossible to ebb. You can remove reproductive organs and kill a sex drive. You can remove parts of your brain to kill almost every other kind of drive, but the spiritual drive cannot be cut out. It is tethered from a different existence to us and we cannot cut, gouge or otherwise disown it. We can however try to ignore it consciously. When you "accept Christ into your heart" or "give yourself over to him" what you are doing is renouncing your spiritual drive, substituting your soul for fables, or perhaps even giving it over to a higher power, but it doesn't quite work. Years ago the Catholic religion condemned books and movies that spoke of and refer to "Magic" or "Faeries" or "unicorns" claming it was sacrilegious. They tried to destroy publications of such "fiction" and yet it has survived. If the largest religion in the United States is Christian which openly abolishes such works, why are they the most popular?

What makes someone drawn to "Lord Of The Rings"? Why do we have so many daydreaming of elves, and orcs and mystical rings of power? Why is it people believe in Psychics but claim to be Christian? It's our subconscious need for spiritual fulfillment (and getting on your knees to have a withered old man place crackers on the tongue does nothing for spirituality, merely a ritual used to keep us in a cycle) And further I ask this. Why do they dress themselves in ornate robes and jewelry (as Christ forbids) Why do they burn inscents and light candles and chant? (Did Christ do these? Or did Pagans?) They use Magic like anyone else, just enough to try to sustain you but forbid anyone but the "professionals" from performing such ceremony's. Why? It ensures their order, their hierarchy of importance. If you control who can perform the ritual, you control who can move in the ranks, and as such you control who will make the rules. This seals it for the general public so that they don’t reclaim their spiritual rights. And yet they catch themselves in a dream of unicorns and fairydust. They buy their kids Harry Potter books. They practice magic under the label "New Age" cos hell that aint pagan! It's all about control of perception. Allow them to feel free, but limit their freedom. If you seal a child in a house, never allowing him to leave, giving him no notion that the outside world exists, and tell him that Mail, and Food arrives by Magic, they will grow up to believe it not knowing anything else. Instill fear in them that any attempt to leave the house will end in eternal punishment, dictate to them what they can do, who they can procreate with and get them to tithe to you and the child will grow into a man who does the same to his own children. This is how religion has maintained to this day. How does this play into conspiracy, my new theme here? I'll get to that. But first I will stay on religion and my distaste for it.

The Catholic church has many rules, a vary narrow road to heaven but I quote one of the most famous scriptures in the bible, John 3:16

"For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.
For God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but that the world through Him might be saved.
He who believes in Him is not condemned; but he who does not believe is condemned already, because he has not believed in the name of the only begotten Son of God.
And this is the condemnation, that the light has come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
For everyone practicing evil hates the light and does not come to the light, lest his deeds should be exposed.
But he who does the truth comes to the light, that his deeds may be clearly seen, that they have been done in God."

So did Christ set the world free of enslavement thru the belief of him? What evil deeds did he speak of? And how does this adhere to the many many rules and regulations the Temple and the Church has set up so many times? How do magic rituals get tied into Christianity? The same way Pagan Holidays and Gods did.
Interesting, and fairly factual on pagan roots in Catholsism
Slight background on what and why, making Gods and Goddesses Saints
Much more information on this is out there if you care to find it, hundreds of books, thousands of sites. But one thing is for certain it did happen. Even my father, a devout Christian and scholar, after I brought it to him spent serious time researching it and acknowledged it as truth. He says "it was done for a good reason" But I feel if you pervert your faith (as Catholics did) just to bring more people to your church to tithe to you, you have not only lost their souls, but yours as well.

So the conspiracy of the Church (selling false relics, destroying historical documents, abolishing bibles for any who are not clergy, false accusations of heresy) has been well documented since its beginning. And all of it goes back to maintaining an order. Keeping the power where they think it belongs. But Magic leaks out yet again, which brings me to


The pope - Holy Father.

To declare a Man as the Holy Father is blasphemy, kind of reminds you of the days when Egyptians believed their Pharaohs were Gods does it not?

Christmas/Easter - Celebrating Pagan Holidays (decorating Trees, already covered in an earlier post)

Mother Mary, The Cross

Raising Idols. How many pray to Mother Mary? She is a mortal, and Christ himself said there can be no communication between the living and the dead. So when you have a vision of Mary, you are either Psychotic, or having a Vision of someone else (Goddess? Isis? Take your pick) Also images of Mary are forbidden by the second commandment. An image of something that is in heaven or under the earth.

Golden crosses, crucifixion scenes, forbidden by the Church at first, it goes against the second commandment. Graven image no? Also Christ is in heaven, you cannot make statues, or carvings of him.

Statues of Saints

Again 'You shall not make for yourself a carved image--any likeness of anything that is in heaven above, or that is in the earth beneath, or that is in the water under the earth.'
I assume these people do not walk among us, do not make likenesses of them.

So the flaw is simple Catholics not only condone blasphemy, they enforce it. They live a lie, and no one questions it. Why? Because it's enforced with more man made laws by mandate of the Church, abusing Dogma to keep their people tithing. The power is in the Symbols, almost all religions know this, and it might be why the 10 commandments forbade it to a degree.

So the Church keeps its hierarchy and in order for men of power to remain in power they must do a simple thing. Keep a following to do their bidding, strip them of power, and convince them to make the next generation do the same. Government and Religion alike use these fascist tactics to perpetuate themselves.

The first 5 years of life are key to development. It's when you can change a child from a bumbling sack of needs to a human on a path of enlightenment and self sustaining drive. Education, play, love, attention, curiosity, positive habits in eating, sleep and lifestyle, these things can be implanted in a child and manifest themselves thru their whole life.

The next 5 can do two things;

one determine social development (see private and home schooling vs. public schooling and social development into adulthood, or just study some people who went to private or home schooling and take notice of the social changes.) This is when we teach children to perform routine rituals, and get themselves on a 9-5 work schedule. (bell rings go to class, bell rings go to other class, eat in allotted time. not done! too bad! bell rings recess, break time, bell rings back to class, bell rings change class, bell rings go back home) Based on drill and routine you can mold a child into the perfect puppet for an industrial society, or given the chance an artist, spiritual leader, or philosopher...
two You can lay a foundation of morality in them. Right and wrong, good bad. Invest into the child a sense of pride and prejudice. The "conscience" is formed to a degree, the nagging voice that emulated mother, father, god or higher self will last throughout their lives and often, long after the mind learns and grows the nagging will continue in the same fashion and tone it did in the preteen and adolescent years

Next 3-5 are crucial because you must display reward and outcome for following the set rules. Graduations, rewards, extracurricular awards/trophy’s, acceptance, community praise. Show them that being in their current mentality will reap reward and they will perpetuate it. Destroy it and you will leave them crippled and in doubt for their whole life.

Keep following me here.

These "institutional beliefs" were established by church and government as means to control and perpetuate. Thru the use of law, religious mandate, and propaganda they force children into the molded image they chose.

1 day a week the child is brought to "Sunday school" where Religion gets a crack at them
5-7 days a child is forced to school, which abides by institutional laws federally and locally required.
7 days a week a child is influenced by parents, setting moral and social law.
7 Days a week society and media implant moral and belief into the child. As parenting becomes less available, children turn to the media for entertainment and guidance. Propaganda comes to fruitarian.

For 18 years of your life you are under a conditional training, form that point you get your "acceptable limitation" of choices to enter the Military, Work Force, Clergy, or Secondary Education. This offers you the choice of Government, Corporation, Religion or a 4-12 year postponement of those choices, where you will abide by a frighteningly similar set of institutionalized rules.

How often do you meet a Catholic who wasn't raised Catholic? Or a Christian? And even if their parents weren’t fundamental Christians, they still grew up hearing about Christianity in this Christian society. Baby Jesus, Easter, television shows, who escapes the Bible's fables in this country? No one. It's part of the process to catch the few that fall thru the cracks.

All of this ensures you grow up to be a good little worker bee feeding your fat queen so she can propagate the hive.

There are some religions that seem to offer a different choice such as Buddhism, Setionism, Satanism, Masonry to name a few, but all have their own "acceptable limitations" and are an institution of their own right.

So finally I get to the Christ, and how I feel he was perverted.

Jesus came to set us free, but what was he setting us free from? A system as old as man itself. Religion, Government, Society.
Jesus was a pacifist
Jesus was a communist
Jesus was an anarchist

Does this sound like the Church you belong to? Waging wars, collecting tithing to ornate it's temple with gold, and keep you under a strict set of rules? Absolutely not! Christ told his followers to give up their land, possessions, wealth to follow him in a simple life. They worked together to provide, and did not live in excess (unlike the church who wear golden laced robes) and in a commune (basis of communism) provided what they needed and spread the word to set people free from bondage. Turn the other cheek... it is NOT what your president is doing under the guise of freedom and Christian compassion.

Do I believe Christ was the son of God? Well that depends. It's a point many Christians base a pivotal religion on. I believe that Christ was a man made of the Divine, currently, but the extent is limited. The Catholic Church will tell you there was only one Christ, one son of god. I pose a question, what makes them think he has only visited once? What makes them think that he cannot come again?

From ”THE JESUS MYSTERIES” by Timothy Freke and Peter Gandy

“At the heart of the mysteries (Pagans) were myths concerning a dying and resurrecting goodman, who was known by many different names. In Egypt he was Osiris, in Greece Dionysus, in Asia Minor Attis, in Syria Adonis, in Italy Bachus, in Persia Mithras. Fundamentally all this godmen are the same mythical being … We were able to construct Jesus’ supposed biography from mythic motif previously relating to Osiris-Dionysus:

# Osiris-Dionysus is God made flesh, the savior and “Son of God”
# Osiris-Dionysus’ father is God and His mother is a mortal virgin.
# Osiris-Dionysus is born in a cave or a humble cowshed on December 25 before three shepherds.
# Osiris-Dionysus offers his followers the chance to be born again through the rites of baptism.
# Osiris-Dionysus miraculously turns water into wine at the marriage ceremony.
# Osiris-Dionysus rides triumphantly into town on a donkey while people wave palm leaves to honor him.
# Osiris-Dionysus dies at Easter time as a sacrifice for the sins of the world.
# Osiris-Dionysus: After his death he descends to hell, and then on the third day he rises from the dead and ascends to heaven in glory.
# Osiris-Dionysus’ followers await his return as the judge during the Last Days.
# Osiris-Dionysus’ death and resurrection are celebrated by a ritual meal of bread and wine, which symbolize his body and blood”

So as Christians, if you believe completely in the story of Christ as the New Testament tells it you have to ask yourself this: Was Jesus the ONLY son of God?

Either he was and he emulated other God Encarnations thousands of years before, or he did not do as the Bible tells and the Bible is one plagiarized book of half truth, or he is not and the birth of God on Earth is something that happens in cycles.

Last option is that The Bible and Ancient Texts of many cultures are being mistranslated and it's all some conspiracy.

So what I think about Jesus being God or not doesn't matter, what does matter is what I think about the Church pasting Jesus on every sick wrong and perverse thing they do as a way to use the symbols to control you.

Then remember even posing yourselves this question is a sin if you are Catholic. Now think about it next time you're going to "confession" (where you give your secrets up to a man of the cloth, thereby relinquishing your control and power to him since we know knowledge is power, thus the story of Adam and Even and the Apple) What is it doing for YOU personally? And what is it doing for them? Ask yourself if Christ ever erected a great tower to the heavens topped with gold (like the Churches, Temples and Pyramids of Egypt and Mexico) or did he carry with him a truth making his word and followers the Church. A truth so powerful and so humanly enabling that the Jews wanted him killed for it.

Jesus; enemy of the Church.

The bible warns us of corrupt religious leaders and False Prophets in the end days
"God told me to strike at al-Qaida and I struck them, and then He instructed me to strike at Saddam, which I did, and now I am determined to solve the problem in the Middle East. If you help me, I will act, and if not, the elections will come and I will have to focus on them." - G.W. Bush

I must say I have strong doubts about God instructing Bush to do anything besides fuck off and go to hell. But the people they think the leader is a Mandate of God! They think God appointed him President (for if god didn't want bush to be president he wouldn't be) and forget they have supposed free will to elect a fascist moron who's more like the Antichrist than Christ.

So it bothers me that so many Christians are afraid to doubt their religion and its leaders. They will forsake the word over the word of the institution. Now tell me if they are truly aware, truly educated or just grinding their bones for a system that sprouted from a mockery of Jesus Christ.

Remember the Catholics had to hold a meeting to decide if women had souls...

women won by only one vote.

They also had a meeting to decide if they should continue raping little boys...

If you need to hold a meeting about such things, then I don't think ANYONE should belong to the Religion.

And next time you find yourself reading the horoscope, or watching Star Wars, Lord OF The Rings, X-Men or anything that involves paganism and lore, or supernatural abilities ask yourself are you just entertained or is your soul gasping for breath?

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To discredit or to disuade? [28 Jan 2005|02:51pm]
Conspiracy: An agreement to perform together an illegal, wrongful, or subversive act.

An agreement between two or more people to do something "bad".

Conspiracy theorists are constantly discredited as "crazy" or "paranoid". I personally don't think conspiracies are very far fetched.

I want you to ask yourself something. Do you believe your government ever does things illegal, wrong or destructive? If you don't believe that is possible, please take me on your mother ship, I'd like to visit your society: /

Imagine a president who ignores the Geneva Convention, orders the use of torture on terrorist suspects, and later nominates a person for Attorney General who is infamous for use of torture. This person states that "the President has the unilateral right to set aside Congress' laws against torture".

You're imagining George W. Bush and Alberto Gonzales, together with an agreement that will circumvent national and world laws to commit criminal torture.

Conspiracies are not always secretive, they are not always involving "aliens" or "mind control". They are simply two people or more working together to create a desired outcome in underhanded ways.

Next ask yourself what is there to gain or lose by believing in conspiracies.

To write off a conspiracy theorist is almost a social mandate. No one wants to listen unless Dan Rather says it's true. The very thought that Americans will only believe the media only deepens the conspiracy theorists conviction. But what do you stand to lose? If you call a conspiracy junk, and the theorist a wack job, let's imagine you're right. The conspiracy doesn't exist and you stand to lose nothing. Your world is safe and sound, it continues to spin on its newly aligned axis.

But what if you're wrong? If the theorist is correct and is being discredited by the media hypnotized masses, who only strengthen each others reassurances that everything is fine, but the truth is only a small amount of the population is aware. Then you stand to lose everything. Your job, your safety, your security, your belief system, your faith, your whole life built around carefully manipulated lies.

The most blatant lie you were built up by were those of your history teacher.

Why won the war of 1812? Not America. No we didn't win, we lost, horribly. We suffered more losses. We went in to Canada to claim it as a state and take it from England. They kicked us out (Thank God). We licked our wounds. We had historians rewrite the cause and outcome.

These are facts, undisputed except by your schoolbooks. So why lie to the kids? What does it do?

1- It brings them up with a falsified sense of pride. America the great, America the strong.
2- It creates a rift between Americans and Canadians (which is useful) causing Americans to doubt other nations, thus already instilling the social driven inconsideration of theorists and foreigners.

No one believes in those who say the holocaust never happened, and you know why? Because we have proof it did. Mass graves, concentration camps, etc. etc.

So where’s the proof we lost the war of 1812, simply look at a map, does it say Canada, or The United States Of America?

Many want to claim that the war was not won or lost by any nation, but merely stalemated and a settlement reached. This is what they claim of Vietnam as well... the "unofficial war" (Can't lose a war if you don't declare one can ya?) But I feel when you suffer more life loss, and fail at your objective (be it annex a country or oust a communist government) tuck tail and run away, you have essentially lost the war.

Moving on...

It is obvious that not all conspiracies are lies. You live them day to day. Anyone who watches commercials are victims of a conspiracy. People who use thought control manipulation by psychological conditioning study... or "Marketing research" to subconsciously persuade you to purchase a product are part of a conspiracy to use your subconscious and thought patterns to spend your money on something you don't want or need. Studies into frequency shows that our brain can be manipulated by the different frequency's in colour and sound. My father, a renowned psychologist, cooperation and government consultant, did a published study on the effects of colour on the mind. It was undeniably proven that colours affect our moods, and mentality, by many other studies and un disputed.

The symbolism in corporate America (and I mean America the corporation not the businesses in America) are everywhere and used repeatedly. America was founded by a society known as the Masons. You probably have a Masonic temple in your town. Ever see this symbol? The Masons stretch as far back in history to the ancient pyramids. Most of the key figures in American government and business are Masons (23 Masons out of 38 signed the Constitution) and one of the fundamental beliefs of the Masons is the power of symbols and symbolism. Masons although deeply imbedded in Roman Catholic history are in fact a pagan organization, existing long before Christ, and behind many of the world’s greatest decisions and illusions.

I will get back to that in a second, but I want to stay on the importance of symbolism and numerology in Masonic society and the American government. The most important numbers in the Masonic society are 33 and 32. This extends to the degrees of the Freemasons, or ranks. 32 being the highest rank a person can achieve, 33 being an honnory title and bestowed to the most elite of the Masons. 33 a symbol of ascension to God.

33 Symbolizes 2 souls completing all 3 planes and joining, their powers multiplied. 3 to the power of 3, or 3 cubed, or the 3 dimensions of existence. Two become nine. Neither male or female but a god entity. Reigning over Heaven, Hell and Earth.

The pyramid is a 3 sides triangle in 3 dimensions multiplying to 9 points. 9 times as strong as a triangle. It happens to be a symbol of the masons. It also appears on the back of every dollar bill. A Pyramid with the All seeing eye of control on the top (eye symbol of Ra) that while all underneath cannot see the eye it can see all, and easily assert power and control from slight pressure on the top. Below the pyramid is NUVUS ORDO SECLORUM or "New World Order" and has been printed on the Dollar Bill since 1933. The Eagle across from the Pyramid has 33 feathers in one wing, 32 in the other. An Eagle holding a spear is the symbol in the Masonic order, very similar to the one on the dollar bill and the one used by Nazi Germany. Is it any wonder the official tender of the US has Masonic symbols in it? The origin of Banks comes from the Knights of Templar (an elite Masonic group) who founded and ran the first bank system in history. Later they were killed in mass by the royal French family over their wealth, coincidentally the Royal Family's debt was now clear with the Templar's banks owned by the French.

This is what the Masons were talking about, their symbols everywhere. The red cross is tied in with the whole French Royalty/Knights Of The Templar (Organized Masons), quite popular now due to the book "The Davinci Code" which openly posed the theory that Mary Magdalene, supposed wife of Christ and bearer of his children, fled Jerusalem after Romans came and destroyed the Jewish Temple to France where her children, alleged offspring of Christ and married into the royal Frankish family of France. The family was eventually that of King Merovee, a descendant of Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, and that his offspring were born with a birthmark above their heart in the shape of a Red Cross. This was adopted by the Priory of Sion, a branch of the Knights of Templar. It became a mark passed on and proudly worn on the shields of the Knights Of Templar. It became a symbol of good health in the Holy Crusades (carried out and funded by the Knights of Templar). Today it is a symbol of the International Red Cross and American Red Cross as you know them, carrying out their own "crusades" (more merritable than the original). Regardless of if you believe that Jesus had children, it does go to show that Masonic symbols are alive and constantly in our face to date. The Roman Catholic Freemason symbol is a double cross, the same you see on the hat of the Pope, the same that represents the American Lung Association. The Masonic torch of enlightenment is seen on the Statue Of Liberty and current Dimes. The Masons believed you could control people thru symbols, suggestive symbols that inspire a feeling. The pyramid, the cross, the rising sun, very popular government and commercial symbols.

How is this a theory? Perhaps it is just a tribute to the secretive anti-christian society that has ruled most of the world since it's formation, as well as thick in American history.

All American presidents were either Masons or closely associated to the masons except two. President Lincoln who withdrew his application to the Masons, shortly before being assassinated, and John F. Kennedy who has no ties whatsoever to the Masons.

JFK who was killed at Dealey plaza, site of the first Masonic Temple in Dallas. The New Orleans CIA who provided security and set up security detail's headquarters are located in a Masonic Temple. After his assassination the Freemason Lyndon Johnson appointed a fellow Mason Earl Warren to investigate the death. He in turn brought Gerald Ford, a 33degree Mason in on the investigation. Information was presented to the commission headed by Earl Warren by 33degree Mason J. Edgar Hoover, head of the CIA.

Again I say I do not believe in coincidence. All key players were Masons. Why? Because you swear upon entering the Masons that you will not betray the secrets of the Masons or your brothers, or face death. Who can you trust if not your co conspiring secret organization of brothers behind global manipulation.

The first mistake any theorist can make is believing their theory. All modern conspiracies that surface are merely a mask or diversion of something more. President G. W. Bush is a perfect example. Enough mistakes and conspiracy's leak out that the American people get this false sense of security, thinking they KNOW what’s wrong, so they're not going to be shocked. But next time you see a pyramid on a corporate logo, ask yourself... why a pyramid? Why is it the Symbol of fascism, the axis of power, resides today on the Senate flag and for years on our dime known as "Mercury Dimes" (Mercury another symbol I will get into on a later post on why are Egyptian, Greek and Roman religious symbols so prominent in our society.) What are we being told with symbols? What do the colours red, white, yellow and blue represent to you and where do you see them?

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HAARP [28 Jan 2005|05:13am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Just have to say it

1-17-1994 Infamous Northridge earthquake hits los angeles.
1-17-1995 Kobe earthquake kills over 4,000 people.

These happened on the same hour, same day to a year.

12-26-2003 Bam Iran quake killing over 26,000.
12-26-2004 The Infamous Tsunami quake killing hundreds of thousands of people, mostly muslims, and Al-Quida supporters.

These happened within an hour, same day, to a year.


I'm sure you've heard the theroy, wondering if anyone looked into it.

Interestingly HAARP can cause earthquakes, as well as hurricanes. Very pretty disasters. Great way to aleviate excess cash the us citizens have stored up and send it overseas. Great way to play hero. Great way to look shiny infront of the world.

Now I'm not a raving lunatic, but I do feel it's all a bit too... convienant. I don't beleive in coincidences. I beleive fate is often manufactured.

Those 4 quakes are NOT the only 365 day mark quakes in the last century. Just four you might remember. And I don't think the earth decided to fart out a natural disaster for an anniversary gift.

Again, I'm not saying I subscribe to this, but it's not something I'm going to ignore either. And I've been looking into this for quite some time now, just more and more "evidence" builds up every day. Perhaps I will elaborate after I've slept, if the secret service don't drag me away :/


heh, this is a cute way to keep my journal updated. [07 Jan 2005|10:35pm]









Reach for the lasers with Antic's Sims-ulator!

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[01 Jan 2005|09:42pm]
snuck in and spent time with the budwiser clydesdales all tired after the rose parade.

Sir Duncan is my special friend :)


[31 Dec 2004|03:01am]
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Reach for the lasers with Antic's Sims-ulator!


RIP Jerry Orbach [29 Dec 2004|03:20pm]
[ mood | weird ]

Jerry Orbach 1935-2005

Ok, it's true, I always loved Law & Order, but in the last 3 years, I've watched it pretty religiously. ANd mainly for Jerry to be honest. Jerry Orbach died of prostate cancer. This sucks. Why do people I like have to die :(

Jerry was a real class act.

Sorry Shannon :(

For all those who care, the new Law & Order spinoff he started will air this season, and he will be in the earily episodes, but thats kinda morbid to think about.

Rest in peace Jerry

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[28 Dec 2004|11:54pm]
[ mood | sad ]

RIP Reggie White 1962-2005


I have some good memories watching this guy. Awesome athlete, but more importaltly he really was a good guy, a genuine good guy.

Everyone have some chunky soup for Reggie.

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